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New Year Special! Prices effective on all orders placed through 1-31-2003


We get your music to radio world-wide. College, Commercial, National Public Radio, Foreign Markets, Review Magazines and DJ Pools. We have placed music with commercial stations including the BBC and KNAC-FM. Some of our clients have received ASCAP "Current Performance" status and radio airplay royalties and have received listings on current airplay charts in the Hard Report and CMJ.

Rates are for client supplied, finished CDs in packaging.

Small (CD ONLY 5"x6" maximum) $4.50 per US market and $8.00 Foreign market.

Medium (CD and folded insert) $5 US $9 Foreign.

Large (CD and 8 x 10 Picture) $6 US $10 Foreign.

No one can warranty that any song will get airplay on any given station and most clients get primarily college response. Our services are aimed first at sources we know will provide the best chance of airplay. We provide you with copies of any airplay reports, log sheets or listing we may obtain. DJ Pools generally require 20+ units each.

There is NO MINIMUM. We can also fabricate CD-R disks from your supplied, finished master or prototype. See below for details.


From client supplied master and artwork we can fabricate small runs of CD-R disks, audio or data, and package them.

CD-R with printed label $2.00 each.

Paper sleeve with clear soft plastic window add 10 cents each sleeve.

Standard Jewel case with front and back cover add: $2.00 each.

Extra charge for solid ink color that is more than 25% of the cover: $1.00 per cover.


We can create a mixed mode (or E-CD) that contains normal CD AUDIO and data files including web pages, pictures, MP3 files, video (AVI or MPG) files with a custom browser and controls to access Windows Media Player.

This would play audio on most any CD Audio system and the data could be accessed through any PC using Windows 98 or better. It makes use of the AUTO EXECUTE function of the CD Drive.

Client supplied JPG or GIF images, AVI or MPG movies and text information for the web pages using our existing template a set-up the set-up charge would be a one time fee of: $75.00.

If we must do custom programming there is a charge of $35 per hour for all programming time and custom coding.

After an approved E-CD master is achieved our normal CD-R fabrication rates apply.


We can create and fabricate promotional tools for you such as Calendars, Press Releases, Promo Packs, T-Shirts, Post Cards, Business Cards, Composite Masters.


We produce live or concept videos and can edit client provided materials that meet specifications. We can work from DV Mini or regular VHS materials. All other materials must be converted to DV Mini or we can send it out and have it converted at cost plus 20%.

Converting DV Mini or VHS to computer media for editing: $1 per minutes with a $25.00 minimum.

Editing from a client supplied edit decision list and storyboard $10 per edit or insert.

We can do slow motion, color correction and gamma control on video images. We can do a variety of transitions including fades, dissolves, wipes, etc. We can do 3-D transitions.

We can convert any VHS or DV Mini video product to MPG, AVI, VFW or RM files for either stream webcasting or including on a E-CD.

We can also fabricate VHS video tapes including custom top opening sleeve (pictured at left) from DV Mini, VHS or CD AVI file master. Price is $5 per tape with a running time under 15 minutes or $8 per tape for a running time of over 15 minutes.

Master quality VHS tapes from DV Mini or CD AVI file add and extra $5 for the higher quality tape.

DV Mini masters made from AVI files: Under 15 minutes $20. Over 15 minutes $30. Per tape.

Check out one of our video clips


We can also mix or re-mix any set of discrete WAV files provided that they all start at the same point of time. There is a per hour charge to sync wild tracks.

We can add echo, chorus and reverb to any of the tracks.

We can also add music to vocal tracks. The vocal tracks must be digitally recorded to a click track (specify the beat speed). You should also use a keyboard or pitch pipe to give you a "pick up note" to keep pitch. Charge to add music tracks is either a flat rate of $1,000 per song or 25% of either the publisher or writer’s share if the tracks are used and 5% if the tracks are not used.


We can provide optional administration of your small and grand rights for a fee of 10% of the publisher’s share. We are affiliated with BMI and the Harry Fox Agency and we are a member of the National Music Publisher’s Association. We can cover most foreign and all domestic license agreements.

This will see that you get money for any logged radio airplay and it will allow your material to be available for foreign licensing through the largest clearing house in the United States.


We can also help to set up and administer your website and merchandise center including providing MasterCard and Visa services for payment via our account for a 30% take of the net plus any raw costs for merchandise and fabrication.

See a Shopping Cart Example

E-mail us for more information

Terms and conditions. All materials supplied by the customer will be considered "perfect" and used AS-IS, with the client responsible for all errors and glitches on their original materials. Any work we have to do to get client material into shape that is not included in any of our package rates is billed at $35 per hour. Re-do's at the customer instance for aesthetic reasons not covered in the original instructions will be billed as a new order or billed at $35 per hour plus costs, which ever is most applicable. We reserve the right to discontinue any service or product without notice at any point in time. All money order payment must accompany orders or be cleared through Pay Pal. Reasonable care of materials will be taken but we are not responsible for damage caused by equipment failure, fire, rain, moving Earth, acts of God or Nature. In any event our maximum liability will be to provide an equal amount of blank media to replaced any lost media. Shipping charges are extra and will be estimated upfront.

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