Do You Need Technical Help, Information or Assistance?

Get it on-line with responses generally in the same day, often within hours, even holidays, weekends and late evenings!

Virtually immediate answers and consultation for:

  1. Stand alone IBM PC's, trouble shooting, information, help on upgrades, diagnostics, etc.
  2. Programming in all types of BASIC including Q, VB and Realizer.
  3. Programming and using Alpha Five Data Base.
  4. Photography and graphic arts.
  5. Film, video and television -- technical, practical and historical (25 years experience in motion picture related work).
  6. Sound recording, audio, record or CD pressing and radio.
  7. Music, arranging, performing, licensing and theory.
  8. Some areas of science, health (no licensed medical services are offered), weight loss, psychology (no licensed medical services are offered), intellectual property and rights (no licensed legal services are offered), etc.
We can also do research for your projects in almost any field.

Over 30 years providing technical assistance, support, technical writing, research for media, computers, books, films and video projects.

Past efforts have included sub-contracting work for: Dick Scott Entertainment/CBS Epic Records, Lucas Arts Entertainment, Universal Studio Tours, Fox Television, Warner Records, ASA Talent, Affordable Services, Em Gee Film Library, every major college and university in the United States. In print with technical and how-to information since 1967, published in Income Opportunities, Complete Woman, Technical Photography, Mix, Moving Image, Music Connection, Valley Magazine, etc.

  1. Submit you question, problem or research needs to us with details by e-mail:
  2. If we feel we can provide assistance we will contact you with billing information or let you know that we can't assist your current situation.
  3. Individuals and small businesses must start at least a minimum retainer account ($30 US) for us to start work and this must be updated as required in advance. Large, well known corporations can submit a PO # or requisition number from your official purchasing officer with a follow-up in writing.
  4. You will be billed 50 cents per minute ($30 per hour) for all work plus any transportation costs, lodging, meals or incidental costs, which are applied against the retainer amount (corporate accounts will be required to provide an advance retainer on large projects that require travel or outside services).
  5. Deadline situations my require a special handling charge or surcharge, minimum priority rate is $100.00 US. in addition to our normal per minute or per hour charges.
  6. Information will be provided at no additional costs beyond our normal fee by e-mail, Yahoo, MSN or AIM instant messaging service (give us your username), by phone to your 800 or other toll free number or with an additional charge of 25 cents per minute by standard phone service, optional hard copy printout of information at an additional charge of 50 cent extra per printed page plus $15 for 2 day priority mail up to 3 lbs. or $50 for overnight mail up to 2 lbs. Mail services are only available Monday to Friday morning by 11 am. Order received for rush mail after 11 am on Friday don't go out until Monday at noon. Hard copy by fax is $3 per sheet with a $10 minimum.