Radio Airplay For Your CDs and Records

Over 10 years experience placing new music on college and commercial radio, foreign and domestic

$8.00 per U.S. station - $15 per Foreign station.

$50 minimum.

Foreign artists and bands-- we can help you get U.S. airplay at the above rates, plus any customs duties and a small fee ($5) on orders under $100 to cover postage of mailing you airplay lists. Payment must be in U.S. funds on a U.S. bank or international money order. You are responsible for getting an allotment of records to our office in Los Angeles, CA.

We send you copies of any play lists we obtain. We can also administrate your publishing and licensing to help get you money for your logged airplay!

We also place review copies with Motion Picture producers and Magazines.

earl r. dingman productions

Important: No one can guarantee you radio airplay or placement of any song or record. We have experience and a track record of placing songs with radio stations, club d.j.s, magazines and producers. We will pick the best markets for your type of music.


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